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[BE-17] Pure Disgust- s/t [SOLD OUT]

Image of [BE-17] Pure Disgust- s/t [SOLD OUT]


The new breed of Washington DC hardcore, Pure Disgust, are back after an awesome demo and a 7" on Flophouse Records. These 3 songs serve as a preview for their new "CHAINED" EP out soon on Katorga Works (USA) and Quality Control (UK). Taking musical cues from UK street punk and oi, mixing it with early 80's DC hardcore and bands like Life's Blood. 2 of these songs will be on their 7", while "America" (originally on their demo, but re-recorded) is exclusive to this tape. Pure Disgust will be on a US tour this summer, so make sure to check them out! Members also currently play in Protester, Red Death and more

Limited to 100 copies on pro duplicated clear cassettes, sticker labels and printed covers. (3 songs)

Check it out on the Bleeding Edges Label bandcamp page:

Sold Out